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How to Get Published in a Research Journal

Time:2014-07-03 Clicks:

Topic:How to Get Published in a Research Journal

LeturerProf. Belton Fleisher

Presisder:Prof. Zhenhui Xu 

Location:Room 601, Administration Building of the North Campus of Hunan University

Time:4:10-5:40 p.m, 17th, June, 2014

Introduction to Professor Belton:

Prof. Belton M Fleisher, Department of Economics, Ohio State University

He is currently a Senior Fellow and Special Term Professor of the China Center for Human Capital and Labor Market Research at the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing.

He has authored and coauthored over 40 articles in professional journals including American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, the Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economic Education, and China Economic. He has published a number of books, including The Economics of Delinquency (1966) and what is considered by many to be the first "modern" labor economics text, Labor Economics: Theory and Evidence (1970). Since 1990, his research has focused on the Chinese economy. He currently serves as an Executive Editor of China Economic Review.




17th, June, 2014