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New member in CEFMS' Staff Team

Time:2015-01-04 Clicks:

     The recruitment of CEFMS’s administrative staff has reached a successful end on December 31, 2014. Ms. Xu Yiting has become the new full-time staff member in the center.

      During the Recruitment process, 79 resumes are received and 29 among them are interviewed by phone. 7 candidates are invited for the 1st round interview while 3 among them are invited for the 2nd round interview. Ms. Xu Yiting is the final winner of the position. She is currently a graduate student at the School of Finance and Statistics, Hunan University, and is expected to receive her Master's degree in June 2015. Ms. Xu Yiting has already begun to work as interm in the office and will start as a full-time membery in March 2015.