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The Center for Economics, Finance and Management studies was established in 2013 as a “special international platform oriented at attracting talent from around the globe to conduct cutting-edge research, and provide students with rigorous academic training. The Center admits master’s  and doctoral level students, and offers positions for post-doctoral fellows. The curriculum is similar to graduate programs of research universities in the United States. All courses are taught in English.

The Center currently offers two academic tracks: Economics and Finance, admitting about 20 masters level students and 2 doctoral students every year. Currently, there are 10 doctoral students and 62 masters level students enrolled. The Center adopts international practices in its research, teaching, and daily operations. Currently, the faculty of the Center consists of 5 visiting professors, 12 full-time professors, and 3 full-time administrative staff. All visiting professors are senior faculty members in major universities in the US. All full-time professors have obtained a Ph.D. degree from well-known overseas universities.

The Center trains students in accordance with international methods and standards, adopts master's and doctoral training programs from international research universities, and uses English teaching and assessment to improve our students' international competitiveness. In its steady-state, the CEFMS plans to have 25-30 full-time faculty, all with doctoral degrees from major overseas institutions, 5-10 post-doctoral fellows, 15-30 doctoral students and 90-150 masters level students.