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The Center for Economics, Finance and Management Studies (CEFMS) at Hunan University is situated at the foot of the picturesque Yuelu Mountain. The center was established in 2013 as a “special international platform” to attract talents from around the world to conduct frontier research, and to provide students with rigorous graduate training.

The CEFMS is a department equivalent entity. It independently admits Master’s and Doctoral students and offers positions for post-doctoral fellows. The curriculum is similar to graduate programs in Research I universities in the United States, and the teaching language is English.

The CEFMS consists of three institutes: Economics Institute, Finance Institute and Management Science Institute. The first two institutes have been in operation since 2013.

The faculty of the CEFMS consists of special-term faculty and full-time faculty, each of them with a doctoral degree from the United States. All special-term professors are senior faculty members in major universities in the US. They participate not only teaching and research but also administration and junior-faculty mentoring at the CEFMS.

Currently, the CEFMS has a team of 9 special-term faculty members, 11 full-time faculty members and more than 60 doctoral and Master’s students. In its steady-state, the CEFMS plans to have 20-30 full-time faculty, all with doctoral degrees from major overseas institutions, 5-10 post-doctoral fellows, 15-30 doctoral students and 90-150 Master’s students.

The Center adopts international norms in its research, teaching and daily operations.