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经管中心苏亚琴副教授论文被《Regional Science and Urban Economics》期刊接受发表

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近日,经济管理研究中心副教授苏亚琴的一作论文“Agglomeration of Human Capital: Evidence from City Choice of Online Job Seekers in China”被区域经济学权威期刊《Regional Science And Urban Economics》接受发表(合作者华岳、邓兰芳)。本文是首篇使用在线求职者简历大数据考察城市人力资本水平对个人工作地点选址影响的论文。发现城市平均人力资本在高技能求职者的空间集聚中起着至关重要的作用。利用个人层面的独特信息,本文做了大量新颖的异质性分析。并且,就人才在空间的集聚是为自选择(self-selection)还是集聚经济 (agglomeration economies) 所驱动提供了可信的实证依据。


Abstract: Micro-level evidence on the migration decision and locational choice of high-skill workers remain scarce in developing economies. This paper studies whether high-skill individuals in China are attracted by cities’ human capital when choosing workplaces. Using over 50,000 resumes of online job seekers from a leading recruitment website, and by estimating a conditional logit model, we find that human capital at the city level plays a prominent role in determining the preferred workplace of high-skill workers. We further show that a city’s human capital is particularly attractive to better-educated individuals, new college graduates, and job seekers who intend to relocate to another city of higher economic hierarchy. We also discuss the role of agglomeration economies and spatial sorting in shaping the agglomerative behaviors of high-skill workers.

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