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The Graduate Admission List of the Institute of Economics in 2013

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According to the requests of the university's related documents and spirit, following the regularized procedure and combining the evaluation of the tenured professors and faculties of the Center, we are now proud to admit the best examinees after some relative examinations and judgment. The admission list is declared open to the public as following. The publicity period is from April 7th to 13th. After the publicity, the list will be submitted to the upper supervisor for approval.

The original department code Admission Major Examination Number Name
014 Applied Economics 105323321606569 Fang Wei
014 Applied Economics 105323360106611 Junda Wang
018 Applied Economics 105323340306834 Yin He
018 Applied Economics 10532343030522 Yue Qiu
018 Applied Economics 105323430305162 Xianfang Xiong
025 Applied Economics 105323410506128 Juan Yang
025 Applied Economics 105323432405970 Xin Lu
025 Applied Economics 105323431205872 Deping Zi
025 Applied Economics 105323340606055 Xuewei Li

If any question, please contact the Centre, or the department enrollment office, or the university discipline association or even the Office of Postgraduate Enrollment. Phone number of the center: 0731-88684822, and the Graduate Recruitment Office: 0731-88822856.

April, 6, 2013

Taosha Liang