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Faculty Recruitment Interview of CEMFS

Time:2014-07-03 Clicks:
The faculty recruitment interview of CEMFS in Philadelphia‘s American Economic Association and American Finance Association Annual meeting has come to a successful end on January 6th, 2014 after three days of interview with 55 candidates.

There are 139 applicants applied for the position of Assistant Professor of the Institute of Economics during the period of application from 25th, August 2013 to 31rst December, 2013. The applicants are PhD students from top universities around the world such as Yale University, Washington University, Boston College, McGill University, University of Pennsylvanian, New York University, Houston University etc. Among them 52 candidates are of foreign nationality while 87 are of Chinese nationality. After careful review by special-term professors, 38 applicants are chosen for first round interview.

In the meantime, there are 41 applicants for the position of Assistant Professor of the Institute of Finance. Those applicants are also PhD from famous universities like Washington University of Washington, ,London University, University of Houston, University of South Florida, Queen’s University, Nanyang Technological University, ect. Among them 8 hold foreign citizenship while 31 are Chinese citizens. 17 of them are selected by the reviewing committee for the first-round interview.

The recruitment of CEMFS are praised by the university administration for its careful preparation, efficient distribution of recruitment advertisement, large number of highly qualified applicants, and its professional selection process.