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Notice of Receiving Transferring Graduates through Regulating Matriculation

Time:2014-07-03 Clicks:

The Center for Economics, Finance and Management Studies (CEFMS) at Hunan University plans to recruit a number of transfer PhDs and postgraduates in accordance with special approval. Qualified applicants who graduated form the 211 universities originally applied for the 985 universities and met the national basic requirement scores Due to the limited time, applicants please send the required materials to our email: before the 10 pm.,May 4th.

The center will hold the interview by overseas professional at Hunan University before 10 pm.,May 4th.

The Center is established in 2013 to attract talents from around the world to conduct frontier research and provide students with rigorous graduate training that hitherto can only be found in developed countries. The center will hold the interview at Hunan University.

The Center has a team of 10 special-term faculties who are tenured professors at world-renown universities, and will recruit 40-50 full-time junior faculties from oversea markets in the next few years. At the steady-state, the Center will have 10-20 post-doctorates, 30-80 doctorate students and 200-300 master students. The Center adopts international norm in its daily operation, and the working language is English.

The Center consists of three institutes: Economics, Finance, and Management. Institutes of Economics and Finance commence in Fall 2013.

1. Admission orientation

With reference to the domestic and international economic development of the subject, The Institute of Economics will open the following directions of the discipline which has an important application prospect of future development :

Labor Economics

Health Economics

Industrial Organization

Environmental Economics

Transportation Economics

Development Economics

2. Enrollment conditions

The requirements are as below.

1)、academic master and doctoral candidates of 2013.

2)、graduated from 211 project colleges and originally applied for 985 schools .

3)、Original applied majors belong to science, engineering ,economic and so on.

4)、National Postgraduate Examination results meet the state basic requirement scores.

5)、Give priority to candidates with excellent performance in English and Math.

6)、Having Enterprise, seriously study the spirit and keen interest in the study

7)、Center emphasizes mathematics, logical thinking ability and level of foreign language ,and economics foundation is not as the primary inspection conditions .

3. Applying Process

Applicant must send personal information (Degree Certification, Admission Letter, English Level Certification and other Honor Certifications) to Center More importantly, please mark to confirm whether you can attention the interview on 5th-9th, July. Applicants are encouraged to present English Resume and self introduction.

Center will notice qualified student as soon as possible after receiving the material.

If any question, please feel free to contact us by email or telephone. Following is the contact number:

Miss Yi: 18273191600 Miss Yang: 18390934846

Miss Fang: 18390991814 Miss Deng: 14726948945

4. Admission Method

Center will confirm the last enrollment list on the basis of thought mode, expression capability, logical inferential capability, knowledge of news and developing potential of major field and combined with daily learning achievement, politic attitude, field quality and physical and mental condition. Student who is not admitted by Center will still be enrolled by original institute.