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The Graduate Interview Notice the Institute of Finance in 2013

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There are 23 applicants for the Finance Research Institute of The Center for Economics, Finance and Management Studies (CEFMS) at Hunan University.

According to the documental spirit of Hunan University and the request of the Centre, the tenured professors have already select 18 qualified applicants for the interview. The interview will begin at 9 am.. On July 6,conducted by the Professor Wei Huang the head of the Finance Institute, tenured Professor Xiao Wang, and Mr. Min Ye from the Economics and Trade Department. The interview will last for 6 hours (9 am. to 12 am., 2 pm.-5 pm.), including the English ability, professional qualification, mathematics and logical thinking ability. The interview will be recorded throughout by MS. Taosha Liang,Ms.Huijun Luo.Ms. Hongli Tang will be in charge of the whole interview. After the interview, the final score of every applicant will be the average score of the three professors’ decision. To ensure the justice and objectivism of the interview, the result and record will be stored and sealed. We are planning to admit 8, responsible for 44% of the whole interviewees, and 34% of the whole applicants.

If you have any objection of the interview, please contact the Centre, or the department enrollment office, Central office telephone: 0731-88684822.


Miss Luo