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The Orientation and First Class Meeting

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The CEFMS in Hunan University held their first freshmen orientation at Room 213 in Shuijiao Teaching Building. Except all the 19 students, the assistants, Dr Lanfang Deng, overseas Professors Hongyi Li and Zhenhui XU are present at the meeting. Firstly,the assistants introduced the situation of the CEFMS and their different responsibilities. Each of them put forward some requirements according to their specific work, reminded students to do those right and efficient things and stressed out that one’s character is of the most significance. Dr. Deng, as a senior, offered critical guidance on graduate career. The professors were wise and humorous, stated the course requirements and the origin of the CEFMS in detail. This meeting has removed students’ doubts and concern on the uncertainty of the future efficiently and gave the students a great encouragement, in addition relieving the pressures on students.

The CEFMS in Hunan University’s first class meeting is held by Deping zi and Zihan Wang, tentative heads of the class, at Room 213 n Shuijiao Teaching Building. Everyone contributed to the class management warm-heartedly. Among the students, the atmosphere is very active, conforming to the college students’ style and features.

September, 9th, 2013