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The activity of “Happy Winter Solstice”

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On December 22, 2013, four o’clock in the afternoon, all the students of CEFMS held an activity of "Happy Winter Solstice" under the organization of our monitor, Zhihan Wang. We made dumplings in the restaurant of Dragon King Kong apartment to celebrate the arrival of traditional Chinese solar terms "winter solstice".

Winter Solstice is one of the most important traditional festival in the Chinese Lunar New Year .This is the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere throughout the year, the longest night of the day by day. It’s said that most people of the northern region are accustomed to eat dumplings, while southern people eat dumplings and pumpkin. Proverb: "Winter Solstice to eat dumplings.” In order for students to feel the warmth of the holiday and to alleviate homesickness, all students decide to make dumplings by ourselves. With highly enthusiastic, we divided into two tables of meat and vegetarian fillings wrapped and began. With the efforts of the students, one by one bizarre dumplings out, they are crescent-shaped, sharp, flat, and strange. We worked together and packed up a few nice plates of dumplings soon. We all talked and laughed, sharing the experience of dumplings, exchange learning experiences, the scene is very lively. Soon steaming dumplings were on the table, we rushed to eat dumplings happily. The atmosphere was very active and everyone was infected with the warmth of each other.

In the end, this activity does not only promote our traditional food culture, but enrich our college life and strengthen the unity and communication between students. Everyone feels the warmth of home and it will be the best memory in our students’ life.