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Climb Mount Yuelu in the Beautiful Autumn

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On 19th, October 2013, Professor Xu, the special-term professor of CEFMS and all the students in centre got together at the north campus to climb the Mount Yuelu, under the leadership of centre’s director-—Professor Haizheng,Li. We chose the steepest road and this was our first collective activity.

Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area is the national key scenic spots and is one of the Hengshan Mountain 72 peaks. Located in the ancient city of Changsha, along with Xiangjiang River, it consists of the hills of low mountains, rivers, lakes, natural flora and fauna and cultural heritage, modern celebrity graves, revolutionary memorial sites, etc. It is a kind of the city scenic mountain area.Hunan University takes advantage of the mount and builds around it. Naturally, our university takes the Yuelu Mountain as the dividing line of north and south campuses. Along the way, we talked about school learning and life sentiment while climbing the mountain and atmosphere was very harmonious. Teachers were very concerned about our living and learning situation and made some very valuable advice to us. Within half an hour we climbed on the top of the hill. There we saw beautiful scenery and panoramic views of the entire Changsha. Teachers and students took pictures at the top, talked cordially with each other and were reluctant to leave.

This mountaineering activity, not only exercise the body and help us enjoy the beauty, but also promote the central team building, training of teachers and friendship, and have a very positive meaning.