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The Commence of the English Corner in CEFMS

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The English Corner, founded collectively by students in the CEFMS, launched its debut in the classroom 302, shuishang building on Tuesday, 22nd October, 2013. The main audiences were the students in the CEFMS and students who have fancy for English on north campus.

The cofounders, LiXiang, RuizhiPing, and ZhangQingZhu, delivered speeches in turn, demonstrating the form and the contents of this Corner. The English Corner will be held by a single host or hostess based on a specified topic every time. Then everyone can open his floor to express his ideas in groups. Under the relaxing atmosphere, participants can immerse in English and make friends with each. This activity will be held on every Tuesday night, at 7 p.m.

Since education in center is fully completed in English, students have an urgent demand for oral English. The establishment of English Corner not only shows the enthusiasm of students for study, strengthen the communication among students but also help improve our oral English, develop the interest in English study, which is bound to help us adapt to the education mode in CEFMS.