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The Experience of Mei Xihu riding

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On November 16, 2013, two o’clock in the afternoon, all the students of CEFMS went to Mei Xihu for riding under the organization of the party branch secretary, Haifeng Xu. The sun was shining. We also learned to enjoy life and the good times.

Mei Xihu is located in International City Development focus area of Changsha. With wide lake, green trees and fresh air, it is the ideal place for urban citizen’s recreation. We ridded along the lake area, stopping and going, laughing and playing. Sunset was infinitely quiet and good. We returned to school smoothly at five o’clock.

The riding activity is good for develop healthy lifestyle and keep balance between life and learning. We can relax ourselves and temporarily relief from the pressure of learning. Focused on landscapes, we are grated for friendship among us students. More activities are contributed to improve efficiency and make us energetic to face every day life.