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Greeting of New Students of CEFMS

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In this cool and mellow season, Center for Economics, Finance and Management studies of Hunan University is embracing the new students in the Fall semester. To welcome the arrival of the new students, CEFMS established a welcome team of six students. The members established a QQ group to answer the questions and promote the communication between the 2nd grades and new comers.

The official opening date of Hunan University is on 2nd, September, 2014. The welcome squad gathered at 8:00 in the morning in front of the second teaching building. Feng Le specially crafted the "Rose" poster to greet new students. As the freshmen started coming one after another, the team members warmly guide them through the registration procedures. For those who had relatively heavy luggage; the members would thoughtfully help them to carry it. Early arrivals would also volunteer to help their classmates.

On 3rd September, the party secretary of Hunan University, Keli Liu went to inspect the welcoming work of each colleges. Impressed by efficiency and organization of the CEFMS welcome team, he inquired about their study as well as their feelings towards CEFMS. Students expressed their appreciation for the chance to learn in CEFMS, believing that the high standards, strict requirements, and the emphasis of independent thinking of CEFMS would not only be beneficial for them academically, but also plays an very important role in their forming of character and world value. Mr. Liu highly praised the welcome work of new students and the achievements of CEFMS during last year. The arrival of last freshman on 4th, September marks the welcome work satisfactory end of the welcome work in the fall semester.

Warmest welcome and best wishes to the new students Wish they can wander in the ocean of knowledge, harvest the most valuable friendship, enjoy their life here!