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The Family of CEMFS Spending Mid-Autumn Festival Together

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September 8tth 2014(Lunar August 15th) is the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival,. Center for Economics Finance and Management Studies of Hunan University organized the faculty and students to watch the full moon on the Orange Island. Followed the footsteps of the opening day of the university, The arrival of Mid-Autumn Festival makes this season more amiable and beautiful.

Peng Yin, a freshman of the Institute of Finance, is the organizer of this party. With the help of some other classmates he selected the location in advance while the girls picked some fruit and snacks. In the Afternoon, the participants went to the Orange Island together. This was the first party in the Center which involves freshmen, second grades and the full-time faculty Li Xue and Su Yaqin.

The activity began at 19:00pm. We spread newspapers and put delicious snacks on it. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Orange Island with the moon shining in the sky, we first introduced ourselves to each other, and then played games like "Guess numbers", "I love you and shameless", "Hold together". Those interesting games made the atmosphere more lively. Although it was hot, everyone really had a great time. When the moon climbed up the sky, we packed the rubbish, cleared up the venue together, and went back to school by subway.

The moon of Mid-autumn Festival is exceptionally bright and full. This event is of great significance, as it not only promotes the communication between teachers and students, but also alleviates the homesickness of most students who live far away from home. In addition, it helps to form a warm and harmonious environment of the big CEFMS family.