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The Family of CEFMS Climbing the Mountain Together

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22nd, Oct. 2014 is a beautiful day with the sun shining in the sky and the breeze singing in the air. In this wonderful whether, faculty and students from the big family of CEFMS climb the Yue Lu Montain together in high spirit despite its craggedness and steepness, enjoying the wonderful views while breathing fresh air and relaxing themselves among the woods. Along the way, people help each other with mutual encouragement and would not leave any one behind. We laugh heartily and gasp in admiration of the beauty of nature, leaving all the worries and agonies behind. In this great mood, even the hard climbing transformed into something relaxing and delightful. Although the path to the top is rugged, but we never stopped or quit; when we tired, we just have a short break, then move on. We learnt from the process that this is exactly the attitude we would adopt towards our life: whenever we encounter any obstacles or hardship, we should let them intimidate us; we take a rest, enjoy the scenery and aim towards the top incessantly.

After 1 hour’s climbing, everyone of the team arrived the mountaintop, where we can overlook the panoramic views of Changsha and moved by its magnificence. After taking several pictures for memory, we went down the hill by the same path.

We get to experience the heroic feeling of Du Fu’s poetry “When shall i reach the top and hold all mountains in a glance” through this activity. It only only help us to build our health, but also promote the communication between teachers and students, which would play a positive role in creating a harmonious living and learning atmosphere in CEFMS.