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CEFMS 2021 Graduation Symposium and Graduation Ceremony

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The 2021 Graduates Symposium of the Center for Economics, Finance, and Management Studies (CEFMS) was held at 13:30 on June 16 in the Conference Room 201 of the Economics and Trade Building. Professor Yaqin Su hosted the meeting. The 2020 and 2021 graduates shared their study experience and employment outcomes to their teachers and peers. They addressed the students' concerns about the school experience, internship and employment experience, and how to balance employment and academic work in the Center for the 2019 and 2020 students.




At 15:00 in the afternoon, the 2021 graduates, three representatives of the 2020 graduates, all faculty and staff participated in the degree award ceremony of the CEFMS. The host Professor Yaqin Su, secretary Professor Hu Zongyi, and all the full-time professors take turns to give speech to the graduates. The visiting professors who were unable to attend the graduation ceremony due to the epidemic also expressed their pride in the achievements of the graduates. They encouraged the students to learn to care for themselves and calmly deal with various challenges in life and work. Later, the representatives of the doctoral graduates and the master’s graduates spoke successively, expressing their gratitude to the teachers of CEFMS, classmates and friends. During their studies at CEFMS, the graduates have improved their academic aptitude and cognitive ability, cultivated the ability of solving difficult problems, gained growth and friendship. Finally, Professor Haizheng Li made a concluding remark, congratulating the graduates on successfully completing their studies, and wishing everyone to find simple happiness and embrace the world in a world full of uncertainties. The degree-granting ceremony officially started at 16:00 pm. Professor Haizheng Li issued graduation certificates and took photos with the graduates.